Countenance of the Lord

A necklace that makes the wearer appear fine


This magical pendant is intended to present a hale and healthy appearance to all who behold the wearer. Used by nobles and leaders to always appear healthy and able to be in control, even if they are actually ill. It appears as a heavy golden chain with a large gem hanging from it. The gem may be of any type, valued at least 2500 gp.

When worn, the pendant will cause the wearer to appear healthy and hide blemishes that would indicate sickness, such as skin discoloration, sunken eyes, etc. It cannot hide hair loss, or disfigurement.

It also masks illness from detection by magical means, preventing others from detecting disease, sickness, or even poison.

A skilled healer (DC25) can detect that the wearer is actually ill upon close, detailed examination but it cannot be detected from a distance of more than one meter. Magic can penetrate the illusion and protection spells with a DC30.

Value – 5000 gp


Countenance of the Lord

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